Godspouse/Here I am, Lord

Well, here I am, Lord, won’t you listen?Typing away thoughts,Blending feelings,Keeping it all in line.Won’t you listen, Lord,Won’t you lend me a hand? Here I am, Lord, won’t you listen?Won’t you come down from your throne?My heart is aching, Lord,My mind is aflame.Won’t you listen, Lord,Won’t you calm me down? Here I am, Lord, won’tContinue reading “Godspouse/Here I am, Lord”

Of witches, raindrops and fallen leaves

Tell me of witches and fallen leaves, sing me of Calan Mai. Tell me of raindrops and silks so fine, tell me of love that heals. Sing me of witches that color the leaves from green into golden and red. Sing me of raindrops that shine like the stars, sing me of sunshine that clearsContinue reading “Of witches, raindrops and fallen leaves”

For I am the King

Whatever happens,For whatever reason,Happens in its turn. Whatever does not come,For whatever reason,Is not meant for you. Whatever leaves,For whatever reason,Leaves for good Whatever comes,For whatever reason,Comes when it’s time. Nothing on earthExists with no purpose,Nothing breathes. Nothing on earthIs of no value –Even dust. Nothing on earthStays hidden for long-Even thoughts. Nothing on earthIsContinue reading “For I am the King”

From the depths

From the depths of Annwfn I shall gather my strength, From the shining gods and the mighty dead Of the clouds and the mists I will be reborn. Deep are the waters of Annwfn Deep are the thoughts of the gods Rolling in the deep are the songs Of the long-gone The roads of theContinue reading “From the depths”

I sing to the Fair ones

I sing praise to the Fair folk, To the Tylwyth Teg, To the infinite ones. I sing praise to the One Who governs the mists, The hidden one. I sing praise to the Wise ones, To the ancient and bright, To the gracious. I sing praise to the King of old, Clad in silver andContinue reading “I sing to the Fair ones”

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