Godspouse/Cadair Idris

Back to Cadair Idris he rides. Weary and gaunt, for long summer drained him, somber and silent, for the battle days are done. Back home he rides – to Teyrnas y ser, to the realm of summer stars, to the ancient stone arch atop the mountain – there will he cross the boundary,there will heContinue reading “Godspouse/Cadair Idris”

Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn

Hail, Gwyn, bright son of Nudd,King of the thousand winds.To you I sing,Your counsel I seek,Your kindness I needAbove all else. Hear my plea,Mighty Gwyn,Lord of the Fair folk,Master of Stars,King of the darkest forests,Beloved of fair Creiddylad! Bless me, o merciful,Keep me, o benevolent,Guard me, my king.Against evil shield me,To the best way guideContinue reading “Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn”

The wheel

The wheel has turned,The circle’s done.Let’s face it – here’s the change The wheel has turned.Whatever’s gone,Is gone for fool and sage. The wheel has turned,The prophet’s dead.The gods are silent, mind. The wheel has turnedIn fortune’s handAnd vanished out of sight. The wheel has turned,Where life once ruled,Now death’s scythe grimly reaps. The wheelContinue reading “The wheel”

One, two, three…

One, two, three… Ravens are circling above me. Higher, lower, higher again, their feathers purple, black, indigo, silvery-grey. One, two, three… I should have known you’d come. You hair dark as the night – or is it the rain that made it so?.. One, two, three… Out of the mist you step, your cloak billowingContinue reading “One, two, three…”

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