Five kings/ Wedding song

From the depth I call,αγάπη μου,My love everlasting,η φωνή μου. With laurel wreathI shall crown you,αγάπη μου,With veil of time. From the timeless I callαγάπη μου,By the deepest watersI wait. From the heathered hillsI call nighean donn,My song. With flowers of goldI shall crown you,Mo ghràdh,My all. From the evergreenI call you,By the woodlandsIContinue reading “Five kings/ Wedding song”


Sometimes I feel so exhaustedI want to stop trying.My days are all glory,But nights are all done for.Old wounds are still bleedingIn dreamsI am still being hunted. When I close my eyes,There is nothing but flowers.They crowd me,They climb over me.I’m drowning in themEvery night.Blodeuwedd. Your flowers will kill meOne night,Of this I am certain.YourContinue reading “Nightmare/Flowers/Lleu”

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