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Gwydion’s song to Lleu

Oak that growsIn vale of tears,Take back your child,And give me mine. Broken and torn,Belied and betrayed,Dies my young hope,Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Broom that bloomsIn vale of blood,Take back your child,And give me mine. Broken and torn,Belied and betrayed,Pierced by the thornsIs Lleu llaw gyffes. Eyebright that bloomsIn vale of death,Take back your heartAnd giveContinue reading “Gwydion’s song to Lleu”

Oak, broom and meadowsweet

Hear me, Lleu ap Gwydion,Hear me, the all seeing one.Heavy is my heart,For it is heldIn oak, broom and meadowsweet. Comfort me, the golden winged,Comfort me, the broken,Unburden my heart,For it is poisonedBy oak, broom and meadowsweet. Strong are the silken websSharp are the thorns,Holding me hostage.Amber eyes have pierced me,And won’t let me be.Continue reading “Oak, broom and meadowsweet”

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And cut her auburn hair short.She walks by the dayNever flying again,Quite happy to beHer own. Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And watches the Dee rolling by.In her eyes – the flashes of autumn,Her arms still longing for flight. Blodeuwedd is renting a houseWith a garden and flower bedsBlodeuwedd rarely smiles,But deepContinue reading “Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen”

Milk and honey

Milk and honey.Gold on white. A cup for BraintA bowl for the Tylwyth teg. Milk and honey.Whispers on the wind. Sage and rosemary,Anise and lavender. A cup for CerridwenA bowl for the Fair folk. Broom and meadowsweetGold on pale pink A cup for BlodeueddA loaf of bread for Lleu. Mead and silver,Wine and amber, AContinue reading “Milk and honey”

Owl prayer/Blodeuwedd

These days are hard enough as they are, and we do need strength to reach out and walk through unbeaten. Here is what comes to mind as the days unwind. For me, Blodeuwedd is the ideal choice when it comes to resistance , boundaries, resilience and strength to carry on unchanged, brilliant and ready toContinue reading “Owl prayer/Blodeuwedd”


Sometimes I feel so exhaustedI want to stop trying.My days are all glory,But nights are all done for.Old wounds are still bleedingIn dreamsI am still being hunted. When I close my eyes,There is nothing but flowers.They crowd me,They climb over me.I’m drowning in themEvery night.Blodeuwedd. Your flowers will kill meOne night,Of this I am certain.YourContinue reading “Nightmare/Flowers/Lleu”

Cerridwen/ I was there

I was there, when Gwydion conjured a woman of flowers.I was there, when the cauldron boiled, when oak flowers, meadowsweet and broom entranced the woods with their fragrance.I was there, when in smoke and vapour there rose a maiden no one could rival.I was there, though I could not prevent it, and yet – IContinue reading “Cerridwen/ I was there”

Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament

Lleu my Lleu,Won’t you come down,Won’t you come back? Lleu,  my Lleu,Hear me sing,Hear me sing to you. Lleu my LleuDo you remember,Do you remember me? Lleu my LleuI have nurtured you,I have brought you down. Lleu my LleuMy only son,My golden boy, my all, Lleu my LleuLet me mend you,Let me tend to yourContinue reading “Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament”