For I am the King

Whatever happens,
For whatever reason,
Happens in its turn.

Whatever does not come,
For whatever reason,
Is not meant for you.

Whatever leaves,
For whatever reason,
Leaves for good

Whatever comes,
For whatever reason,
Comes when it’s time.

Nothing on earth
Exists with no purpose,
Nothing breathes.

Nothing on earth
Is of no value –
Even dust.

Nothing on earth
Stays hidden for long-
Even thoughts.

Nothing on earth
Is doomed or cursed-
For everything is blessed.

The paths of Faerie
Wait for no one:
They come and go.

The paths of Faerie
Have no end,
Their beginning is long lost.

The paths of Faerie
Are for those
Who wish to know.

The paths of Faerie
Are governed by me,
For I am the king of Annwfn.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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