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I am the Wanderer

I am the thunder,The lightning and storm.I am the wrath of Odin,I am the anger,I am the scythe of Hades,I am the last breath. I am the earthTrembling before the end,I am the doom,I am the infinite battle,I am the warcry of Ares,I am the rage of Thor. I am the darknessRising from the depth,IContinue reading “I am the Wanderer”

They took the child

…stolen by Them, they said. They took the child.They always take the best.The youngest. The fairest.The happiest. The innocent. They took the child. Took it to the Sidhe, to the old hawthorn tree by the crossroads. From the cradle of linden and willow, to the cradle of blackthorn, gorse and heather. They took the child.Continue reading “They took the child”

Faerie fire/Sing

I’m following the spiral pathwayLeading to the fireBurning brighterThan the normal fire would. I’m following the stairsThat descendInto the abyss,Glowing faintly. I’m beginning a journeyWhich would takeA lifetimeTo finish. Sunlight becomes moonlightBlues become violetsGreys turn to blacksAs the sunset fades. Fire burns brighterBlinding meWith myriad huesAs in a vivid dream. Closer and closerI comeSeeing nothingButContinue reading “Faerie fire/Sing”

The hosts/ Three by three

Cold is the windThat comes from the west,Dark are the skies:Nuada rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the north,Dark are the skies:The Allfather rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the southDark are the skies:Gwyn ap Nudd rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the eastDark are the skies:The three hosts ride. Three byContinue reading “The hosts/ Three by three”

Remember the stranger

Remember the strangerYou met in the woods,Remember the greenOf the cloak so fine,Remember the stranger,Who came and wentAs softly as comesThe autumn wind. Remember the strangerYou met by the brook,Remember the blueOf the silken threads,Remember the strangerWho came and wentAs swiftly as comesThe springtime rain. Remember the strangerYou met in the glen,Remember the redOf theContinue reading “Remember the stranger”

Milk and honey

Milk and honey.Gold on white. A cup for BraintA bowl for the Tylwyth teg. Milk and honey.Whispers on the wind. Sage and rosemary,Anise and lavender. A cup for CerridwenA bowl for the Fair folk. Broom and meadowsweetGold on pale pink A cup for BlodeueddA loaf of bread for Lleu. Mead and silver,Wine and amber, AContinue reading “Milk and honey”

Tales of the Womb: Airmid

Tales of the Womb: Airmid It is fine to feel sadness. Whatever you feel is genuine, whatever you feel is real. Purification starts with emotions. Emotions heal the soul, when they come from your true self. Herbs heal the body just like the emotions heal the heart and mind. No one is born impassive, noContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: Airmid”

Fionn’s song

You cannot survive in a field of thorns, being a dandelion.You have to become a thorn. You cannot survive in a field of thistles, being a rose.You have to become a thistle. You cannot survive in a joust, being a damsel in distress.You have to become an armored knight. You cannot survive among the swordsContinue reading “Fionn’s song”

I am the wind on the sea/ Fionn

I am the wind on the seaThe ninth wave,The greenest of hills. I am the battle crowThe cry in the nightThe swiftest of blows. I am the keeper of wisdomThe deepest of poolsThe brightest lightning. I am the sentinel of truthThe Leader of leadersThe fastest of arrows. I am the torch in the darkThe sharpestContinue reading “I am the wind on the sea/ Fionn”