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I am the Wanderer

I am the thunder,The lightning and storm.I am the wrath of Odin,I am the anger,I am the scythe of Hades,I am the last breath. I am the earthTrembling before the end,I am the doom,I am the infinite battle,I am the warcry of Ares,I am the rage of Thor. I am the darknessRising from the depth,IContinue reading “I am the Wanderer”

Milk and honey

Milk and honey.Gold on white. A cup for BraintA bowl for the Tylwyth teg. Milk and honey.Whispers on the wind. Sage and rosemary,Anise and lavender. A cup for CerridwenA bowl for the Fair folk. Broom and meadowsweetGold on pale pink A cup for BlodeueddA loaf of bread for Lleu. Mead and silver,Wine and amber, AContinue reading “Milk and honey”

Fionn’s song

You cannot survive in a field of thorns, being a dandelion.You have to become a thorn. You cannot survive in a field of thistles, being a rose.You have to become a thistle. You cannot survive in a joust, being a damsel in distress.You have to become an armored knight. You cannot survive among the swordsContinue reading “Fionn’s song”

I am the wind on the sea/ Fionn

I am the wind on the seaThe ninth wave,The greenest of hills. I am the battle crowThe cry in the nightThe swiftest of blows. I am the keeper of wisdomThe deepest of poolsThe brightest lightning. I am the sentinel of truthThe Leader of leadersThe fastest of arrows. I am the torch in the darkThe sharpestContinue reading “I am the wind on the sea/ Fionn”

For I am Fionn

Where the others might findPeace in solitude,Where the others might seePerfection in comfort,I’ll find solace in battle,For I am Fionn. Where the others might wishFor a quiet life,Where the others might knowThe bliss of love,I’ll find solace in battle,For I am Fionn. Where the others might swearTheir loyalty to the king,Where the others might giveTheirContinue reading “For I am Fionn”