Godspouse/ Mother, oh mother

Mother, oh mother, i dreamed of the Hunt. Riders in mist, riders all clad in grey. Mother, oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Riders like shades, riders all flying by. Mother,oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Wind in their hair, wind howling loud. Mother, oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Wind swirlingContinue reading “Godspouse/ Mother, oh mother”

Godspouse/Cadair Idris

Back to Cadair Idris he rides. Weary and gaunt, for long summer drained him, somber and silent, for the battle days are done. Back home he rides – to Teyrnas y ser, to the realm of summer stars, to the ancient stone arch atop the mountain – there will he cross the boundary,there will heContinue reading “Godspouse/Cadair Idris”

Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn

Hail, Gwyn, bright son of Nudd,King of the thousand winds.To you I sing,Your counsel I seek,Your kindness I needAbove all else. Hear my plea,Mighty Gwyn,Lord of the Fair folk,Master of Stars,King of the darkest forests,Beloved of fair Creiddylad! Bless me, o merciful,Keep me, o benevolent,Guard me, my king.Against evil shield me,To the best way guideContinue reading “Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn”

Ravens and Hounds

When the night comes, the Fae ride. When the night comes, the hounds howl. When the hounds howl, the night grows darker. When the Hunt reigns the night, the Ravens take flight. Black feathers against pale moonlight, Glowing white against deep blackness: Heralds of the Netherworld, guardians of fates, guides of the abyss. Midwinter changesContinue reading “Ravens and Hounds”

Ride the storm

Ride the storm if you dare.Seven winds are calling. Ride the storm if you dare,See the bridges falling. Follow me, ride the waves,Feel the worlds colliding, Follow me, take the reigns,Tame the waters rising. Ride the storm with me,Endlessly traversing, Ride the storm – you’ll seeAll your past reversing. Leave it be, just forget,That youContinue reading “Ride the storm”

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