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I am the Wanderer

I am the thunder,The lightning and storm.I am the wrath of Odin,I am the anger,I am the scythe of Hades,I am the last breath. I am the earthTrembling before the end,I am the doom,I am the infinite battle,I am the warcry of Ares,I am the rage of Thor. I am the darknessRising from the depth,IContinue reading “I am the Wanderer”

Milk and honey

Milk and honey.Gold on white. A cup for BraintA bowl for the Tylwyth teg. Milk and honey.Whispers on the wind. Sage and rosemary,Anise and lavender. A cup for CerridwenA bowl for the Fair folk. Broom and meadowsweetGold on pale pink A cup for BlodeueddA loaf of bread for Lleu. Mead and silver,Wine and amber, AContinue reading “Milk and honey”

Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors

Stand here, on the edge of reason, watch reflections dance and die. Broken mirrors of your conscience will reflect both day and night. Night is long, and day is longer, long the patience of Arawn. Be prepared to lose your bearings, be prepared to be let down. Caer Ochren never lets go, maze of mirrorsContinue reading “Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors”

Godspouse/Behold the darkness

Behold the darkness. Feel it cover your shoulders, feel it crawl and creep around you. Behold the darkness. Behold the darkness. Follow its call, follow it to the edge of your personal boundaries. Behold the darkness. Behold the darkness. See it rise above you, see it spreading its wings before you. Behold the darkness. BeholdContinue reading “Godspouse/Behold the darkness”

We all serve him

We all serve him,but we perceive him differently. Sometimes he is tall, dark and solemn, sometimes his hair is silvery white, and his face reminds of the ancient Roman statues in their calm serenity. At times he is silent and reassuring, and at times- compassionate and soft spoken, but whichever guise he chooses, he isContinue reading “We all serve him”