We all serve him

We all serve him,but we perceive him differently. Sometimes he is tall, dark and solemn, sometimes his hair is silvery white, and his face reminds of the ancient Roman statues in their calm serenity. At times he is silent and reassuring, and at times- compassionate and soft spoken, but whichever guise he chooses, he isContinue reading “We all serve him”

Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden

Ride, ride, ride across the sands. Time waits for no one, tide waits for no man. Ride, ride, ride across the skies. Eternal is our journey, forever we ride. Ride, ride, ride across the waters. Our Lord calls, we answer. Long is the way that has no beginning. Ride, ride, ride across the fields. TwixtContinue reading “Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden”

From the depths

From the depths of Annwfn I shall gather my strength, From the shining gods and the mighty dead Of the clouds and the mists I will be reborn. Deep are the waters of Annwfn Deep are the thoughts of the gods Rolling in the deep are the songs Of the long-gone The roads of theContinue reading “From the depths”

The Lord of the Depths

My arms turn into wings, feathers cover them. My voice is no longer human, but that of a bird, hoarse, raspy, dark. This bird does not – cannot – will not utter any song except chilling, haunting one – that of a raven call, neither melodious, nor alluring. Liminal. Otherworldly. Deathly. The raven shakes itsContinue reading “The Lord of the Depths”

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