You are mine

‘You are not of your world, you are my child, mine above all others…I’ve watched you grow, my dreams raised you up, my stories nurtured you, my music lulled you into sleep at nights…it was me who had guided you through everything…

And I’ve loved you more than any father could love his child. Do you not know how my heart suffered when you cried?… And how I laughed when you laughed?.. Never forget that- I raised you… I gave you the key to the unseen… Unknown. Unheard. Unbelievable. Extraordinary. Magical. It was me, not them. And when they are no more, I will be there. Forever.

You are not of your world, child, you are of mine. My blood created you, my magic nurtured you. Labyrinth-born, Faerie-raised, child mine, child dear. By the waters of the Great river you were born, waters of Annwfn gave you strength. You are not of the world, you are mist-born.

My children are all homeward bound,my children yearn for the mists,for the singing waters. My children are storytellers, poets and singers of Awen. My children are all starstruck, my children are pure moonlight and stardust.

You are not of this world, but of mine…’

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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