The Lord of the Depths

My arms turn into wings, feathers cover them. My voice is no longer human, but that of a bird, hoarse, raspy, dark. This bird does not – cannot – will not utter any song except chilling, haunting one – that of a raven call, neither melodious, nor alluring. Liminal. Otherworldly. Deathly. The raven shakes itsContinue reading “The Lord of the Depths”


You are calling me. Incessantly, beating wildly in my ears, haunting me, following me, no matter where I go. Your words echo in my heart, weaving glistening spirals, drawing endless paths through deep forests. Your tales come alive in my every dream, your voice sings in my head, charming and bewitching me, no matter whereContinue reading “Cynefin”

The voices

The voices are calling us,Me and you,Telling us not to break the connection,To follow the starsIn their endless searchOf the moon, cold and distant,And yet beautiful,To see the truthThat lies hidden deep within,To hold on, and never change the route,Like we once did.Like Ophelia, in a dress all wet,And flowers in my hair,I reach outContinue reading “The voices”

The gift of grapes and apples

The room is dimly lit and smells of spruces, spices and ancient books. In the flickering candlelight, tall bookshelves seem more distant than they perhaps are, and a dark wooden table is before me. A tall, hooded figure stands there, beckoning me. ‘Come closer. I have been expecting you ‘ The voice is soft, quietContinue reading “The gift of grapes and apples”

Christmas eve and what comes after

Funny enough this year’s Christmas eve is the first one without any rush to it. All the times before were hectic, lonely or too painful, chaotic or lacking in magic – and this one is much calmer. Perhaps, it is due to my second pregnancy or just the general slowing down, but somehow the magicContinue reading “Christmas eve and what comes after”

Morrigan’s Lament

Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulainn…Yonder lies he, sleeping after a long way home. Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulainn… His eyes of forest green closed,And the flames dancing in his hair in the dusky light…Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn …Let me touch you.Let me feel the fire within you.Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn…Let me marvel at the flamesDancing in yourContinue reading “Morrigan’s Lament”

Just few words today, and that in pencil (c)

I honestly never thought I’d be experiencing a writer’s block in front of a blank page. I mean, I’ve never had one, in all my writing years, and there’s been about ten of them, if not more. But here I am, in front of my computer, renewing my relationship with wordpress after a long, 5Continue reading “Just few words today, and that in pencil (c)”

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