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I am the Wanderer

I am the thunder,The lightning and storm.I am the wrath of Odin,I am the anger,I am the scythe of Hades,I am the last breath. I am the earthTrembling before the end,I am the doom,I am the infinite battle,I am the warcry of Ares,I am the rage of Thor. I am the darknessRising from the depth,IContinue reading “I am the Wanderer”

The hosts/ Three by three

Cold is the windThat comes from the west,Dark are the skies:Nuada rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the north,Dark are the skies:The Allfather rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the southDark are the skies:Gwyn ap Nudd rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the eastDark are the skies:The three hosts ride. Three byContinue reading “The hosts/ Three by three”


Ravenborn am I,Of twilight and dusk.Ravenborn am I,Nighttime wanderer. Ravenborn am I,Huntsman, not the prey.Ravenborn am I,Keeper of words. Ravenborn am ILoyal and true,Ravenborn am I,Merch nos, merch niwl. Ravenborm am I,Of wind and sea,Ravenborn am I,Messenger of gods. Raven feathers cloak me,Not flowers or leaves.Raven wings hold me,Keeping me safe. Ravenborn am I,Velvet andContinue reading “Ravenborn”

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And cut her auburn hair short.She walks by the dayNever flying again,Quite happy to beHer own. Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And watches the Dee rolling by.In her eyes – the flashes of autumn,Her arms still longing for flight. Blodeuwedd is renting a houseWith a garden and flower bedsBlodeuwedd rarely smiles,But deepContinue reading “Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen”

Fiach Dubh/ Raven song

To Yuri Leitch . With gratitude. Somewhere, on the spiral paths of the mounds,Between the sea and the wind,Time waits. Somewhere, on the brink of twilight,On the edge of great waters,I stand. Long are my nights, longer than long.Dark are my days, darker than dark.Time stands still. When the sky grows cold,When the seas riseContinue reading “Fiach Dubh/ Raven song”