Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship

Dance, dance through the years,Sing the elven songs,I will be your Winter kingTill the night is long. Weave the sunlight in your hair,Reach out for my hand,Keep my heart: it shall remainYours until the end. Smile to me, forget the painThat once haunted you-I shall always be the sameLove will guide you through. Word, onceContinue reading “Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship”

Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig

Fear me, tremble,Cower before me,Bow to my every will,Love me, hate me,Follow me closely:I am the elven king. Dance and sing yeThrough summer solstice,Ask and you shall be bless’d.Court and conquerBy fires of autumn,Chase or ye shall be chased. Wander, wander,Walk through my forest,Picking my flowers fair,Wonder, wonder,Dare to step closer,And never go away. LoveContinue reading “Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig”

Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn

Hail, Gwyn, bright son of Nudd,King of the thousand winds.To you I sing,Your counsel I seek,Your kindness I needAbove all else. Hear my plea,Mighty Gwyn,Lord of the Fair folk,Master of Stars,King of the darkest forests,Beloved of fair Creiddylad! Bless me, o merciful,Keep me, o benevolent,Guard me, my king.Against evil shield me,To the best way guideContinue reading “Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn”

Ravens and Hounds

When the night comes, the Fae ride. When the night comes, the hounds howl. When the hounds howl, the night grows darker. When the Hunt reigns the night, the Ravens take flight. Black feathers against pale moonlight, Glowing white against deep blackness: Heralds of the Netherworld, guardians of fates, guides of the abyss. Midwinter changesContinue reading “Ravens and Hounds”

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