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What and how

What do you see in me? Amber and gold, sunlight and arrows, life and death. How do you see me? Dazzling, aflame, glorious. Who do you want to love? You as you are, the goldenhaired son of Zeus. What will you give me? Me, as I am, however little that is. Mortality is frail- yetContinue reading “What and how”

Death has the face

Death follows you,She said.Death hovers over you,She said.Death has the faceOf Apollo. You know nothing,He sighed.How can you know,He sighed,You are nothingBut a jealous woman. Apollo brings death,She said.His arrows hurt,She said.You shall run madBecause of him. You know nothing,He said.Poisonous are your words,He said.You never wereBeloved by a god. Oh but I was,She said.WayContinue reading “Death has the face”


At times, he would look at me with his chalcedony eyes, and the world would stop only to spin faster. And I would vanish, disappear, dissolve in this golden-blue haze, that would become greenish, yellow, silvery, sparkling like the finest champagne – but that reverie would end as it began, in throes of endless wonder…andContinue reading “***”


Sleep is the brother of Death:Nothing to fear.Nothing to run from.Sleep is the brother of Death. Children of the Endless,Sons of Night,Almighty, merciful,More powerful than gods. The Night gave us lifeThe Night bore usUnder the endless skies,By moon, stars and sea. Death is the brother of Sleep,Lavender tinted with opium,Valerian-scented honey,Death is the brother ofContinue reading “Hypnos/Thanatos”

Streets of New Orleans

Down by the streetsOf New OrleansYou would meetA mysterious stranger. Down by the streetsOf New OrleansWould you stay,Would you run from danger?.. He would be  just the thingYou wanted to have,By the streetsOf New Orleans, But beware, for the thingYou wanted to haveCould kill youIn New Orleans. He would be a jewel,A goblet of wine,OrContinue reading “Streets of New Orleans”

Die for me

‘I know what to do with you, Cyledr’ Gwyn hissed. ‘But first, tell me why you followed my bride last night ‘ ‘I wanted to take her back, that’s all. He told me to,  Gwythyr. I’m one of his’. ‘Don’t you lie to me, son of Nwython’ Gwyn’s voice became steely, dangerous. ‘Don’t you dareContinue reading “Die for me”