Lleu ydw i/ Englynion Lleu

Lleu am I,Son of Arianrhod am I,Despised,Forlorn,Unloved. Lleu am I,Son of Gwydion am I.Protected,Reared,Nurtured. Lleu am IMany skilled am I,Proud,Strong,Unyielding. Lleu am I,Husband of Blodeuwedd am I,Belied,Betrayed,Unloved. Lleu am I,Taught by Manawydan,Born of the sun,Fostered by the woods,Bright one. Lleu am I,The one who singsThe one who fightsThe one who is rebornOnce slayed. Lleu amContinue reading “Lleu ydw i/ Englynion Lleu”

Lleu/ My broken sunlight

Lleu/ My broken sunlight My broken sunlight, my golden boy,Will you still shine in pain?My shattered sunlight, my wondrous boy, Will you remember her name? My broken sunlight, my golden one,Who’s gonna shelter you?My darkened sunrise, beloved one,Who’s gonna nurture you? High up above the sun still shines,Yet Lleu is silent and weak,High up aboveContinue reading “Lleu/ My broken sunlight”

Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship

Dance, dance through the years,Sing the elven songs,I will be your Winter kingTill the night is long. Weave the sunlight in your hair,Reach out for my hand,Keep my heart: it shall remainYours until the end. Smile to me, forget the painThat once haunted you-I shall always be the sameLove will guide you through. Word, onceContinue reading “Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship”

Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors

Stand here, on the edge of reason, watch reflections dance and die. Broken mirrors of your conscience will reflect both day and night. Night is long, and day is longer, long the patience of Arawn. Be prepared to lose your bearings, be prepared to be let down. Caer Ochren never lets go, maze of mirrorsContinue reading “Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors”

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