Sea within/Taliesin

Hear me, Taliesin, the voice of the sea, Hear me, Taliesin the wind-born!Out of the depth I call to you,Taliesin, thrice reborn,To find the way. Come to me, Taliesin, Lord of song,Come to me, Silvertongue,Out of the silence I call to you,Taliesin, Bard of bards,To regain my wings. Heal me, Taliesin, the golden one,Heal me,Continue reading “Sea within/Taliesin”

Blessing of the plants/ Cerridwen’s song #2

I blessing give of all that grows, Of ancient wisdom of the root, Of sacred knowledge of the stem, Of beauty hidden in the leaf. I give you blessing of the twelve That strengthen, nourish, Calm and teach, Of sacred herbs of magic Lore. To thee I give the heather sweet To celebrate the Awen’sContinue reading “Blessing of the plants/ Cerridwen’s song #2”

Blessing of the stars/Cerridwen’s Song #1

Blessing of the stars I give you, Blessing of the moon. Oh my child, fast asleep, Child reborn, child of magic, My radiant child, cauldron born. Blessing of the sun I give you, Blessing of the clouds. My child, my wondrous child, Who bears no name and all names, My child of tears and joy.Continue reading “Blessing of the stars/Cerridwen’s Song #1”

It is no joke,the Wild Hunt

The Hunt is no joke, bear in mind. Uncontrollable, unyielding, unbridled- it rides across the sky. Its force unmeasurable, its might unparalleled, its fury unrivalled when unleashed. The Hunt is no joke. Lords and Ladies, fair and gallant, bright and dazzling, ride with the wind, their horses whiter than the mists of time. Swift areContinue reading “It is no joke,the Wild Hunt”

From the depths

From the depths of Annwfn I shall gather my strength, From the shining gods and the mighty dead Of the clouds and the mists I will be reborn. Deep are the waters of Annwfn Deep are the thoughts of the gods Rolling in the deep are the songs Of the long-gone The roads of theContinue reading “From the depths”

I sing to the Fair ones

I sing praise to the Fair folk, To the Tylwyth Teg, To the infinite ones. I sing praise to the One Who governs the mists, The hidden one. I sing praise to the Wise ones, To the ancient and bright, To the gracious. I sing praise to the King of old, Clad in silver andContinue reading “I sing to the Fair ones”

When the time comes/Barddas

When the time comes For the bard to leave The hills open open And the Neighbors greet him As if he were one of their own. When the time comes For the bard to flourish The hills open And the Fair ones bless him With the gift of the flowing verse. When the time comesContinue reading “When the time comes/Barddas”

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