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Out of…

Out of pain my song rises,Out of the dark.Through the mist it soarsInto the night. Higher and higher it fliesToo high to see,Reaching the unreachableThe unknown. Out of the depth my song risesOut of the dark,Plunging into the waterInto the night. Deeper and deeper it fallsToo deep to feel,Singing still, ringing quietlyIn the halls ofContinue reading “Out of…”

I see battles

I see battles. The moment I close my eyes, they start raging inside my head.Swords cling, shields splint and break, spears pierce the air. I see battles. Ancient and new, bloody and unsung, battles for and battles against. Battles of glory, battles of grief, battles of despair. I see battles. Voices and hatred, horses andContinue reading “I see battles”

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa. Hidden in the shadows,Half-noticed,Unspoken,Unmentioned.Misheard.The truth lies. There, where you cannot seeAmong the rootsIn the grassUnder the earth,Asleep.The truth sleeps. In the thornsIn the leavesAmong the flowersIn the moonbeams,In the treesThe truth hides. In the heartsUnder lock and key,In the memoriesIn whispers.In the glancesThe truth dies. Sharper than swords,Colder than ice,Hotter than fire,Finer thanContinue reading “Sub Rosa”

Gweinio’r marth, Taliesin?

Gweinio’r marth, Taliesin?Do you see a man broken,A man in his prime?A man mourning his fate? Gweinio’r marth, Taliesin?Do you see your friend,Your pupil, your fellow bard? Gweinio’r marth, Taliesin?Can you look deeper into me,Can you feel my pain? I shall tell you this, Taliesin:Were I wiser, I’d never approached you,Were I younger, I’d runContinue reading “Gweinio’r marth, Taliesin?”

Cathraeth/ Y Gododin

I remember Cathraeth,Where many were slain.They rode off to battleFor victory they rode,All they gainedWas death. I remember Cathraeth:Where the field once was,Blood flows.Blood drips from broken spearsHelmets are crushed,Shields shattered. I remember Cathraeth:Where the mighty fell,No flower would bloom.Blood washes the tears away,And swords are powerlessWhere death triumphs. I remember Cathraeth.The billowing cloaks,The battleContinue reading “Cathraeth/ Y Gododin”