Cerridwen/ I was there

I was there, when Gwydion conjured a woman of flowers.I was there, when the cauldron boiled, when oak flowers, meadowsweet and broom entranced the woods with their fragrance.I was there, when in smoke and vapour there rose a maiden no one could rival.I was there, though I could not prevent it, and yet – IContinue reading “Cerridwen/ I was there”

Lleu ydw i/ Englynion Lleu

Lleu am I,Son of Arianrhod am I,Despised,Forlorn,Unloved. Lleu am I,Son of Gwydion am I.Protected,Reared,Nurtured. Lleu am IMany skilled am I,Proud,Strong,Unyielding. Lleu am I,Husband of Blodeuwedd am I,Belied,Betrayed,Unloved. Lleu am I,Taught by Manawydan,Born of the sun,Fostered by the woods,Bright one. Lleu am I,The one who singsThe one who fightsThe one who is rebornOnce slayed. Lleu amContinue reading “Lleu ydw i/ Englynion Lleu”

Lleu/ My broken sunlight

Lleu/ My broken sunlight My broken sunlight, my golden boy,Will you still shine in pain?My shattered sunlight, my wondrous boy, Will you remember her name? My broken sunlight, my golden one,Who’s gonna shelter you?My darkened sunrise, beloved one,Who’s gonna nurture you? High up above the sun still shines,Yet Lleu is silent and weak,High up aboveContinue reading “Lleu/ My broken sunlight”

Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament

Lleu my Lleu,Won’t you come down,Won’t you come back? Lleu,  my Lleu,Hear me sing,Hear me sing to you. Lleu my LleuDo you remember,Do you remember me? Lleu my LleuI have nurtured you,I have brought you down. Lleu my LleuMy only son,My golden boy, my all, Lleu my LleuLet me mend you,Let me tend to yourContinue reading “Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament”

Come away

Dance, dance with the trees Let the world watch and listen.Dance, dance with the trees-Let them live, let them sing. Breathe, breathe in the woodland,Live through the tales,That woodland spins,Let them live, let them sing. Praise, praise the Fair folk,Who dwells deep within.Praise, praise the Fair folk,And dance to their tune. Bow, bow to the KingContinue reading “Come away”

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