I looked for you

In the depths I looked for you, and in the forest green. In the valleys of emerald grass, and in the flowering fields.

I sang to the trees and the rivers, I crossed sands and marshes, I traversed oceans and glades.

I flew over the mountains and hills, I glided on the wings of the dove, eagle, swan and raven, I called with the voices of the nightingale, lark and linnet, finch and robinet.

I weaved tales of golden straw, and lace of silvery moonbeams. I painted the velvet skies with diamond stars and planted roses of blood red in the crispy snow of winter.

I looked for you everywhere, and all I knew simply wasn’t enough.

Little did I know that everything I did was done because you were looking for me too.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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