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I remember

I remember…The longing,And windswept hair,I rememberThe yearningAnd rainwashed smile. I rememberThe tuneOf the lonely fluteCaught in a webIn the elder boughsOf the memory lane. I rememberThe voiceOf velvet and spiceI rememberThe eyesOf the deepest green. I rememberThe storiesThat came and went,Caught in a webIn the Hawthorn pathOf the memory lane. I rememberThe nameOf almonds andContinue reading “I remember”

The hosts/ Three by three

Cold is the windThat comes from the west,Dark are the skies:Nuada rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the north,Dark are the skies:The Allfather rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the southDark are the skies:Gwyn ap Nudd rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the eastDark are the skies:The three hosts ride. Three byContinue reading “The hosts/ Three by three”

The frail of heart

The frail of heart does frail a promise giveAnd keeps it while the weather’s fair and well,Forsaking them as storms do settle inTo stay for days or hours on end Sometimes the beauty treacherous may proveWhilst it beguiles or at distance keepsBut should you closer come, it burnsWith absence of the soul or inner peace.Continue reading “The frail of heart”

My caged heart doth voiceless music make

My caged heart does voiceless music makeIts wretched state prevents it from all joy,My heart is mute, albeit for beauty’s sakeIt tries to sing – and loses voice. My heart does watch as memories rotIn bloodstained earth and dampen’d floors,My heart’s cage is by passions wrought,It holds my heart in hate and woes. My heartContinue reading “My caged heart doth voiceless music make”

Would I to win the crown

Would I to win the crown for your fair glance,I would have battled, fought and warred for days on end.I would have risked it all for swift embrace,For one brief word, for touch of hand. Would you to love me then, as you did once,Or would you let me perish,pray?Would you to let me die,Continue reading “Would I to win the crown”

Hampton Court/ The ghosts

They are everywhere. The gallery, the halls, the stairs. They whisper, they call out, they shout. The ghosts. Worried, troubled, anxious, nervous- paler than the moonlight. Agitated, excited, bereft, mournful- locked in time. The ones now gone. ‘You need not have come, you shall be in trouble’ , says the hushed voice. ‘He shall seeContinue reading “Hampton Court/ The ghosts”