Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig

Fear me, tremble,Cower before me,Bow to my every will,Love me, hate me,Follow me closely:I am the elven king. Dance and sing yeThrough summer solstice,Ask and you shall be bless’d.Court and conquerBy fires of autumn,Chase or ye shall be chased. Wander, wander,Walk through my forest,Picking my flowers fair,Wonder, wonder,Dare to step closer,And never go away. LoveContinue reading “Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig”

Hush/Goblin King’s lullaby

Hush, child, I will be there,Hush, child, now don’t you cry.Hush, hush, we’ve no time to spare,Hush, child, it’s time to fly. Hush, child, the stars are gleaming,Hush, child, the midnight’s nighHush, hush, the world is dreaming,Hush, child, day’s out of sight. Hush, child, my song will calm youHush, child, its magic heals,Hush, hush, myContinue reading “Hush/Goblin King’s lullaby”

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