I am Gwyn

I am Gwyn.Son of Nudd,Beloved of Creiddylad. I am Gwyn.Lord of all wilderness,Lord of the ways. I am Gwyn.Lord of the winds,Master of the Hunt. I am Gwyn.All-seeing,All-knowing. I am Cyledr.Son of Nwython,Wyllt of the woods. I am Cyledr.Cold as ice,Burning as the flame. I am Cyledr.Noble and true,Bold and decisive I am Cyledr.Sword wieldingUnbending.Continue reading “I am Gwyn”

Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn

Hail, Gwyn, bright son of Nudd,King of the thousand winds.To you I sing,Your counsel I seek,Your kindness I needAbove all else. Hear my plea,Mighty Gwyn,Lord of the Fair folk,Master of Stars,King of the darkest forests,Beloved of fair Creiddylad! Bless me, o merciful,Keep me, o benevolent,Guard me, my king.Against evil shield me,To the best way guideContinue reading “Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn”

In the midst/ 1888

In the midst of life we are in death. And death holds dominion over us all. Death was the only way I saw for myself then- yet all those who knew me may have thought otherwise. In the midst of life I surely was. One and thirty, brilliant, talented and respected. Avid cricketer, reader ofContinue reading “In the midst/ 1888”

Sea within/Taliesin

Hear me, Taliesin, the voice of the sea, Hear me, Taliesin the wind-born!Out of the depth I call to you,Taliesin, thrice reborn,To find the way. Come to me, Taliesin, Lord of song,Come to me, Silvertongue,Out of the silence I call to you,Taliesin, Bard of bards,To regain my wings. Heal me, Taliesin, the golden one,Heal me,Continue reading “Sea within/Taliesin”

Godspouse / Lord of the seas

Hail, Manawydan,Lord of the high seas,Master of all crafts!Father of deep waters! Be merciful, Manawydan,Grant me the coolnessOf your waves,So heat never troubles me. Be kind, Manawydan,Teach me your wisdom,Give me the means,So need never troubles me. My Lord Manawydan,Son of the mighty Llyr!Let the thousand windsCarry me home. Hail, Manawydan,Lord of the high seas,MasterContinue reading “Godspouse / Lord of the seas”

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