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…I may have loved you from afar,Just when the time was young,And love as sweet,I may have loved you from afar,But never dared to think,Or look, or speak… ~Anon My life was long, and long was my desireTo find another soul in endless maze,To find someone who could aspireTo burn and soar in my embrace.Continue reading “L.”


Sleep is the brother of Death:Nothing to fear.Nothing to run from.Sleep is the brother of Death. Children of the Endless,Sons of Night,Almighty, merciful,More powerful than gods. The Night gave us lifeThe Night bore usUnder the endless skies,By moon, stars and sea. Death is the brother of Sleep,Lavender tinted with opium,Valerian-scented honey,Death is the brother ofContinue reading “Hypnos/Thanatos”

Streets of New Orleans

Down by the streetsOf New OrleansYou would meetA mysterious stranger. Down by the streetsOf New OrleansWould you stay,Would you run from danger?.. He would be  just the thingYou wanted to have,By the streetsOf New Orleans, But beware, for the thingYou wanted to haveCould kill youIn New Orleans. He would be a jewel,A goblet of wine,OrContinue reading “Streets of New Orleans”

Lestat ‘ s recitative / Confession

Do you even knowThat life flowsLike blood does –Freely, subtly, invisiblyPassing throughRealms and times? Do you even knowThat death comesAs storm does –Swiftly, unexpectedly, gracefully,Cutting throughHistory’s silks and stones? Do you even knowThat nothing holdsAs fast as death does-Clasping to the heart,Grasping by the throat,Kissing till the last breath? Do you even knowThat eternity dancesInContinue reading “Lestat ‘ s recitative / Confession”

November canticle

I will leave no trace,Like the autumn rainI will sweep you off,And pain will be over.Finally. I will be gentle –As gentle can be,As a melodyThat flies above the clouds ,Glorious. I will be kind,As the spring sunThat makes the flowersBloom in the snowLovingly. I will be enchantingAs the old fairy taleGold-dusted,Full of memoriesOf magic.Continue reading “November canticle”

I remember

I remember…The longing,And windswept hair,I rememberThe yearningAnd rainwashed smile. I rememberThe tuneOf the lonely fluteCaught in a webIn the elder boughsOf the memory lane. I rememberThe voiceOf velvet and spiceI rememberThe eyesOf the deepest green. I rememberThe storiesThat came and went,Caught in a webIn the Hawthorn pathOf the memory lane. I rememberThe nameOf almonds andContinue reading “I remember”

Hades’s lullaby

ανάσα, σπορόφυτό μου,θα έρθει η ώρα,κοιμήσου, σπορόφυτό μου,θα σε φυλάω. ανάσα, σπορόφυτό μου,η νύχτα είναι ευγενική,Θα είμαι εδώ μέχρινα κοιμηθείς.* *breathe, my seedling,time will come,sleep, my seedling,i will guard you. breathe, my seedling,night is kind,I’ll be here until you slumber. Listen, seedling,Worlds collide,I am heWho stays forever. Little seedling,World is harsh,I am hereTo soothe andContinue reading “Hades’s lullaby”

Dream of the Endless

I am Dream of the Endless,I am beginning and end,Master of visions and nightmares,Lord of whispering realms. I am Dream of the Endless,I am the shadow and mist,Friend to the wise and the reckless,Undying and one to be missed. I am Dream of the Endless,The mighty, the healing, the curse,The one who consoles the restless,OrContinue reading “Dream of the Endless”