Elizabeth/Raleigh’s song

Sleek and graceful was she,Her hair flaming red,Her eyes like golden amber,Her skin – silk and cream. Sleek and graceful was she,The new English queen,Her hands – white wings,Her smile – pearls in the stream. Sleek and graceful was she,The new Tudor rose,Her voice- silver and crystal,Her feet never touching ground. Sleek and graceful wasContinue reading “Elizabeth/Raleigh’s song”

The frail of heart

The frail of heart does frail a promise giveAnd keeps it while the weather’s fair and well,Forsaking them as storms do settle inTo stay for days or hours on end Sometimes the beauty treacherous may proveWhilst it beguiles or at distance keepsBut should you closer come, it burnsWith absence of the soul or inner peace.Continue reading “The frail of heart”

My caged heart doth voiceless music make

My caged heart does voiceless music makeIts wretched state prevents it from all joy,My heart is mute, albeit for beauty’s sakeIt tries to sing – and loses voice. My heart does watch as memories rotIn bloodstained earth and dampen’d floors,My heart’s cage is by passions wrought,It holds my heart in hate and woes. My heartContinue reading “My caged heart doth voiceless music make”

Would I to win the crown

Would I to win the crown for your fair glance,I would have battled, fought and warred for days on end.I would have risked it all for swift embrace,For one brief word, for touch of hand. Would you to love me then, as you did once,Or would you let me perish,pray?Would you to let me die,Continue reading “Would I to win the crown”

Don’t leave me thus

Don’t leave me thus,All drunk by beauty rare,Enchanted by the eyesAnd hope so vain,That grows within the soulTo wither fastIn cruel light of truth-I pray, be kind to me:Don’t leave me thus. Don’t leave me thus:I am outdone by farBy richer silks,By golden threads so fine,By wreaths bedeckedBy gems beyond compare,By gifts of kingly stubbornContinue reading “Don’t leave me thus”


Mistletoe shimmersWhere once was my heart.Silver leaves of coldFreeze my thoughts.Mistletoe poisonRuns in my blood,And darkness fallsOn my broken chest. Mistletoe brightensThe gloomiest days,Bringing joy to the wise,Crowning the kings.Mistletoe bleedsThe brightest of hearts,And spring shall comeNevermore. Mistletoe makesThe finest arrows and darts,When it’s malice thatGives thought to the making.Mistletoe kissesThe life goodbyeGiving it asContinue reading “Mistletoe”

Standing stones/Cerne’s lullaby

Let me cradle youBy the standing stonesLet me sing to youWhile the ambers glow. Let me lull your heartBy the standing stonesLet the dream take flightOn the wings of song. Let me call you mineBy the standing stonesAs the daylight diesYou shall be reborn. Let me bring you downBy the standing stonesLet me take youContinue reading “Standing stones/Cerne’s lullaby”

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