Welcome into the unknown


Joy would become sadness,As the fall approached.The world would slow down. Gradually. Demeter’s young daughterWould sulk longer,Changing. Gradually. She would no longer smile,Her face becoming paler,And her hair duller. Gradually. She would shudderAt the sound of her nameAnd refuse to wear white. Gradually. She would take to the woodsLooking for something,Wandering farther and farther. Gradually.Continue reading “Gradually”

Call me Freyr

Call me FreyrOf the thousand winds,Call me kingOf the verdant spring,Call me FreyrIf you’re not afraidOf being mineForevermore. Call me FreyrOf the sacred pathsCall me FreyrOf the northern skies,Call me FreyrIf you want to beYoung and brightTill the stars are out. Call me FreyrOf the mead and wine,Call me FreyrOf the runic rhymesCall me FreyrIfContinue reading “Call me Freyr”

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