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Persephone dreams

At night, Persephone dreams,Of lavender, rosebuds and spring,And Hades, he sighs while she sleeps,Knowing what these dreams may bring. She will grow troubled and pale,As wheel of the year turns once moreAs if some enchantment or spellIs secretly placed upon her. Persephone will wander farToo far for her husband To see,She’d wish she could seeContinue reading “Persephone dreams”

The wives/Henry ‘s dream

Sometimes when he’s fast asleep,He can still see them all –So different yet so alike,They still make his blood run cold. He sees her all young and proud,No silver in auburn hair,She prays and she speaks aloudIn Spanish- and she’s still there. She dances with ease and grace,So vibrant and full of life,She’s all goldenContinue reading “The wives/Henry ‘s dream”

To A.B.

I wonder why you wouldn’t let me go,Why haunt me through the darkened space?I wonder why you follow high and low,The past I can’t wholeheartedly embrace?.. My headless queen of pain and woe,My queen of scorn, reproach and hate,You’re always there, too bitter and aloneTo fight again with your dark fate. Your eyes still followContinue reading “To A.B.”

Bring up the bodies

Bring up the bodies,The hour is nigh,Bring up the charges,The papers and spikes. Bring up the bodies,The lovers, the Queen,Bring up the charges,So rarely seen Bring up the bodies-No one will objectBring up the charges,The words to inspect. Bring up the bodies,Obey your good kingBring up the charges-He’s there, in the wings. Bring up theContinue reading “Bring up the bodies”

Remember the stranger

Remember the strangerYou met in the woods,Remember the greenOf the cloak so fine,Remember the stranger,Who came and wentAs softly as comesThe autumn wind. Remember the strangerYou met by the brook,Remember the blueOf the silken threads,Remember the strangerWho came and wentAs swiftly as comesThe springtime rain. Remember the strangerYou met in the glen,Remember the redOf theContinue reading “Remember the stranger”

Gwydion’s song to Lleu

Oak that growsIn vale of tears,Take back your child,And give me mine. Broken and torn,Belied and betrayed,Dies my young hope,Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Broom that bloomsIn vale of blood,Take back your child,And give me mine. Broken and torn,Belied and betrayed,Pierced by the thornsIs Lleu llaw gyffes. Eyebright that bloomsIn vale of death,Take back your heartAnd giveContinue reading “Gwydion’s song to Lleu”

Angels use subway

Angels use subway, you know.Angels love old school rock.Angels wear long dark coats.Angels like cowboy boots,Angels, they sometimes smoke. Old gods love old metal, guys,Old gods ride their high speed bikes,Old gods like their helmets off,Old gods have their way, you see,Old gods, they prefer it rough. The Fair Folk hate flowy stuff.The Fair FolkContinue reading “Angels use subway”

Oak, broom and meadowsweet

Hear me, Lleu ap Gwydion,Hear me, the all seeing one.Heavy is my heart,For it is heldIn oak, broom and meadowsweet. Comfort me, the golden winged,Comfort me, the broken,Unburden my heart,For it is poisonedBy oak, broom and meadowsweet. Strong are the silken websSharp are the thorns,Holding me hostage.Amber eyes have pierced me,And won’t let me be.Continue reading “Oak, broom and meadowsweet”


Ravenborn am I,Of twilight and dusk.Ravenborn am I,Nighttime wanderer. Ravenborn am I,Huntsman, not the prey.Ravenborn am I,Keeper of words. Ravenborn am ILoyal and true,Ravenborn am I,Merch nos, merch niwl. Ravenborm am I,Of wind and sea,Ravenborn am I,Messenger of gods. Raven feathers cloak me,Not flowers or leaves.Raven wings hold me,Keeping me safe. Ravenborn am I,Velvet andContinue reading “Ravenborn”

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And cut her auburn hair short.She walks by the dayNever flying again,Quite happy to beHer own. Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And watches the Dee rolling by.In her eyes – the flashes of autumn,Her arms still longing for flight. Blodeuwedd is renting a houseWith a garden and flower bedsBlodeuwedd rarely smiles,But deepContinue reading “Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen”