Fill my weary head with visions

Fill my weary head with visions, My soul – with peace. Fill my exhausted mind with songs, My heart – with faith. Fill my broken body with strength, My sight – with clarity. Fill my shattered dreams with light, My nights – with rest. Fill my divided spirit with unity, My life – with meaning.Continue reading “Fill my weary head with visions”

When he calls

When he calls, the day darkens. Clouds gather, and the northern wind comes. When he calls, the true hearts answer. The air is full of horses cantering, galloping, neighing. Silver bells ring in the distance only to grow quiter upon approaching. When he calls, nothing else can matter. Nothing else does, nothing ever will. HisContinue reading “When he calls”


Sometimes,talking to you is like traversing the wide woods. You are infinite, endless, beguiling, entrancing- with millions of voices you call, with thousands you answer. Sometimes, walking with you is like breathing freely after suffocating for days on end. Eyes open wide, lungs open up, and all the clutter disappears. Calmness reigns where nervousness onceContinue reading “Sometimes”

We all serve him

We all serve him,but we perceive him differently. Sometimes he is tall, dark and solemn, sometimes his hair is silvery white, and his face reminds of the ancient Roman statues in their calm serenity. At times he is silent and reassuring, and at times- compassionate and soft spoken, but whichever guise he chooses, he isContinue reading “We all serve him”

Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament

Lleu my Lleu,Won’t you come down,Won’t you come back? Lleu,  my Lleu,Hear me sing,Hear me sing to you. Lleu my LleuDo you remember,Do you remember me? Lleu my LleuI have nurtured you,I have brought you down. Lleu my LleuMy only son,My golden boy, my all, Lleu my LleuLet me mend you,Let me tend to yourContinue reading “Lleu my Lleu/ Gwydion’s lament”

My lady Sybil is pining away

My lady Sybil is pining away. Her face is all ashen, her fair hair – uncombed. My lady Sybil is pining away. She scarcely sleeps, and she seldom speaks. My lady Sybil is pining away. She spends all her days a-wandering the woods. My lady Sybil is pining away. She’s no longer fairest, My Lord,Continue reading “My lady Sybil is pining away”

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