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Bring up the bodies

Bring up the bodies,The hour is nigh,Bring up the charges,The papers and spikes. Bring up the bodies,The lovers, the Queen,Bring up the charges,So rarely seen Bring up the bodies-No one will objectBring up the charges,The words to inspect. Bring up the bodies,Obey your good kingBring up the charges-He’s there, in the wings. Bring up theContinue reading “Bring up the bodies”

Oak, broom and meadowsweet

Hear me, Lleu ap Gwydion,Hear me, the all seeing one.Heavy is my heart,For it is heldIn oak, broom and meadowsweet. Comfort me, the golden winged,Comfort me, the broken,Unburden my heart,For it is poisonedBy oak, broom and meadowsweet. Strong are the silken websSharp are the thorns,Holding me hostage.Amber eyes have pierced me,And won’t let me be.Continue reading “Oak, broom and meadowsweet”

Does it…?

Does it ever stop –The longing?Dreaming in the night? Does it ever stop-BelievingIn the cloudless sky?.. Does it ever stop-The hopingFor the better days? Does it ever stop-Not stoppingWishing to remain?.. Does it ever stop-I wonder –Praying to be heard? Does it ever stop-Not leavingIn the face of wars?.. Bards will sing,And songs will riseContinue reading “Does it…?”


I move through the mistAs if through the veilOf gossamer silk. It swirls around meIn greyish silverAnd diamond white. I hear the songsFrom long agoThat are no more. Feather-light fingersTouch my handsInvisibly, softly. I close my eyesAnd surrenderTo vanish. The voices beckonIn tongues of oldIn words unheard before. The air fills with scentOf memoriesThat areContinue reading “Yggdrasil”

Taliesin’s song/ Peace

We shall have peace,For it is the strife of our hearts.We shall have peaceFor it rings in our blood.We shall have peaceFor it brings us togetherInstead of wars. We shall have peace.For we sing itWe shall have peaceFor we came to bring it.We shall have peaceFor it makes us human-Kings and preachers alike. We shallContinue reading “Taliesin’s song/ Peace”

Water prayer

Where the waters flow,My heart is.Drifting on the waves,Asleep,I.follow the voice of the sea. Where the blues become greys,To change into silver,Merging into golden green,There the voiceIs the loudest. Where the shallow becomes deep,I become oneWith the water,Vanishing in its embrace,Floating underneath. Where the greens turn brown,To reflect the lightJust to take it in,I comeContinue reading “Water prayer”

Owl prayer/Blodeuwedd

These days are hard enough as they are, and we do need strength to reach out and walk through unbeaten. Here is what comes to mind as the days unwind. For me, Blodeuwedd is the ideal choice when it comes to resistance , boundaries, resilience and strength to carry on unchanged, brilliant and ready toContinue reading “Owl prayer/Blodeuwedd”