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Children of the underworld

We are the children of Hades,Lost in time.Children of the underworld,With darkness in our bones. We are the last of the broken,Yet complete,Children of the underworld,With rage in our hearts. We are the children of Hades,Descending deep,Children of the underworld,Trying to get back home. We are the battlefield ravens,Fire in our blood,Children of the underworld,LearningContinue reading “Children of the underworld”

I see battles

I see battles. The moment I close my eyes, they start raging inside my head.Swords cling, shields splint and break, spears pierce the air. I see battles. Ancient and new, bloody and unsung, battles for and battles against. Battles of glory, battles of grief, battles of despair. I see battles. Voices and hatred, horses andContinue reading “I see battles”

They took the child

…stolen by Them, they said. They took the child.They always take the best.The youngest. The fairest.The happiest. The innocent. They took the child. Took it to the Sidhe, to the old hawthorn tree by the crossroads. From the cradle of linden and willow, to the cradle of blackthorn, gorse and heather. They took the child.Continue reading “They took the child”


..we inherit things. From my mother, I inherited the spirit. Wild, untamed,Raging as the sea,Deep as the night sky. So was she –So am I. …we inherit things. From my mother, I took the love. All-encompassing,Unconditional,Raging as the sea,Deep as the night sky. So was she –And so am I. She bore me by theContinue reading “Inheritance”

Faerie fire/Sing

I’m following the spiral pathwayLeading to the fireBurning brighterThan the normal fire would. I’m following the stairsThat descendInto the abyss,Glowing faintly. I’m beginning a journeyWhich would takeA lifetimeTo finish. Sunlight becomes moonlightBlues become violetsGreys turn to blacksAs the sunset fades. Fire burns brighterBlinding meWith myriad huesAs in a vivid dream. Closer and closerI comeSeeing nothingButContinue reading “Faerie fire/Sing”

The hosts/ Three by three

Cold is the windThat comes from the west,Dark are the skies:Nuada rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the north,Dark are the skies:The Allfather rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the southDark are the skies:Gwyn ap Nudd rides. Cold is the windThat comes from the eastDark are the skies:The three hosts ride. Three byContinue reading “The hosts/ Three by three”

Nuada tá mé

Words will not capture me,Swords have no power,Storms are mine to harnessThunder rolls at my feet. Bright and wise,Forever young,Noble and trueTo the last breath. Cold and distant,As the farthest stars,Deep and piercingAs the freezing water. By day I lead the TuathaSun shines in my eyes,At night as the wheel turns,The Aos Sidhe follow me.Continue reading “Nuada tá mé”

Persephone dreams

At night, Persephone dreams,Of lavender, rosebuds and spring,And Hades, he sighs while she sleeps,Knowing what these dreams may bring. She will grow troubled and pale,As wheel of the year turns once moreAs if some enchantment or spellIs secretly placed upon her. Persephone will wander farToo far for her husband To see,She’d wish she could seeContinue reading “Persephone dreams”

The wives/Henry ‘s dream

Sometimes when he’s fast asleep,He can still see them all –So different yet so alike,They still make his blood run cold. He sees her all young and proud,No silver in auburn hair,She prays and she speaks aloudIn Spanish- and she’s still there. She dances with ease and grace,So vibrant and full of life,She’s all goldenContinue reading “The wives/Henry ‘s dream”