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Nuada tá mé

Words will not capture me,
Swords have no power,
Storms are mine to harness
Thunder rolls at my feet.

Bright and wise,
Forever young,
Noble and true
To the last breath.

Cold and distant,
As the farthest stars,
Deep and piercing
As the freezing water.

By day I lead the Tuatha
Sun shines in my eyes,
At night as the wheel turns,
The Aos Sidhe follow me.

Those who saw me once
Shall never forget.
Those who heard my dogs,
Shall run for good.

Turn to me for advice,
Ask me for guidance
If your soul is calm,
I shall lead you

Ask me for compassion
Turn to me for healing
When your mind is strong,
I shall keep you.

On my own accord
When I see fit,
I shall come
To comfort you.

Thunder skies
Shall welcome you
As the night descends
For I am with you.

Serve me with your heart,
Follow me
Into the darkness
To break free.

Hold my hand,
Ask me inside,
Share your life
With me.

Do not give the oath
If your heart
Is restless,
I shall not take it.

Swear loyalty
Give yourself to me,

Share what you have
And you shall have plenty.
Give what you can
And you shall receive.

Honour me
With your words and deeds,
Know, that I shall
Be by your side

Long is the moonless night
Dull is the light
Of no truth,
No purpose.

Hold my hand.
Whisper my name
See me now,
Hear my vow.

Nuada tá mé.
Seasfaidh mé leat.

Nuada by Natasha Scheraya

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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