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Angels use subway

Angels use subway, you know.
Angels love old school rock.
Angels wear long dark coats.
Angels like cowboy boots,
Angels, they sometimes smoke.

Old gods love old metal, guys,
Old gods ride their high speed bikes,
Old gods like their helmets off,
Old gods have their way, you see,
Old gods, they prefer it rough.

The Fair Folk hate flowy stuff.
The Fair Folk prefer old wine.
The Fair Folk are sharp and smart
The Fair Folk are never wrong,
The Fair Folk are wild and strong.

The priestesses are sometimes sad.
The priestesses love long walks.
The priestesses like their tea
jasmine green with a splash of milk.
The priestesses know their stuff.

The hierophants are somber-quiet.
The hierophants see the signs.
The hierophants see you through.
The hierophants take control.
The hierophants told you so.

We are what we are – night and day.
We are what we are, my friend.
We are what we are – so long.
We are what we are- take care.
We are what we are – God damn.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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