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Faerie fire/Sing

I’m following the spiral pathway
Leading to the fire
Burning brighter
Than the normal fire would.

I’m following the stairs
That descend
Into the abyss,
Glowing faintly.

I’m beginning a journey
Which would take
A lifetime
To finish.

Sunlight becomes moonlight
Blues become violets
Greys turn to blacks
As the sunset fades.

Fire burns brighter
Blinding me
With myriad hues
As in a vivid dream.

Closer and closer
I come
Seeing nothing
But the flames.

One more step
And the fire
Wraps me up
In its soft embrace.

The voice whispers
Become whole
In the Faerie fire.

Rise up
Above the woods
Dark as the night
And human soul.

Open your eyes
And see
The way forward.

Feel the pain
Feel the past

To the music
Of the Fair folk
And eternity.

Feel your voice
Become ours.
Feel yourself
Free from harm.

Rise up and sing
For you are
As dear to us
As a child to a mother.

Sing to us.
Sing for us.
Sing your heart
Tonight and ever after.

For you are ours
As you are his,
And his,
As ours.


Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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