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The wives/Henry ‘s dream

Sometimes when he’s fast asleep,He can still see them all –So different yet so alike,They still make his blood run cold. He sees her all young and proud,No silver in auburn hair,She prays and she speaks aloudIn Spanish- and she’s still there. She dances with ease and grace,So vibrant and full of life,She’s all goldenContinue reading “The wives/Henry ‘s dream”

Hampton Court/ The ghosts

They are everywhere. The gallery, the halls, the stairs. They whisper, they call out, they shout. The ghosts. Worried, troubled, anxious, nervous- paler than the moonlight. Agitated, excited, bereft, mournful- locked in time. The ones now gone. ‘You need not have come, you shall be in trouble’ , says the hushed voice. ‘He shall seeContinue reading “Hampton Court/ The ghosts”