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Persephone dreams

At night, Persephone dreams,
Of lavender, rosebuds and spring,
And Hades, he sighs while she sleeps,
Knowing what these dreams may bring.

She will grow troubled and pale,
As wheel of the year turns once more
As if some enchantment or spell
Is secretly placed upon her.

Persephone will wander far
Too far for her husband To see,
She’d wish she could see stars,
Or feel the warmth of the sea.

Hades will watch her go
As soon as the winter dies,
He’ll sigh and return below,
Knowing how days can fly.

Persephone will come again,
With lavender in her hair,
She’ll plant it, as way back when
She ventured down crooked stairs.

She knows it would wilt and die,
As rosebuds and other blooms,
But hope, it just stays alive
Even when too close to doom.

At night when Persephone sings,
Hades would come and stay,
To hear of the nymphs and kings,
Of flowers that bloom in May.

He will fall asleep by her side
And will dream of lavender fields,
She’ll calm his darkened mind
With song at her fingertips.

Her lullaby will fill the air
And Hades will smile in his sleep,
She’ll know she belongs right there,
With him And the dreams of spring.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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