Godspouse/ Wine of ages

Drink my wine, the wine of ages.Dance till moonlight fills the woods.Drink my wine, you, kings and sages –And let music ease your souls. Drink my wine, my Lords and ladies,Let the songs of faerie ring,Drink my wine, till red rose reddens,And let all my fair birds sing. You who wandered through the forest,You whoseContinue reading “Godspouse/ Wine of ages”

You came here once…

Once, a long time ago, you came. Into my realm you’ve ventured without even noticing. Just once – for a mere moment, do you recall?.. Once, a long time ago, you came. Young as the spring, but a lass, with flowers in your hair, you came. Just once – when the world was still freshContinue reading “You came here once…”

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