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We are ravens

We are the children of Odin,His wings and winds,His thought and memory,His prophecy in the shadows. We are the children of Bran,His hopes and fears,His breath and sighs,His heart torn apart by grief. We are the children of Morrigan,Her passions and wrath,Her sight and hearing,Her spirit untamed and free. We are the children of Gwyn,HisContinue reading “We are ravens”

Fiach Dubh/ Raven song

To Yuri Leitch . With gratitude. Somewhere, on the spiral paths of the mounds,Between the sea and the wind,Time waits. Somewhere, on the brink of twilight,On the edge of great waters,I stand. Long are my nights, longer than long.Dark are my days, darker than dark.Time stands still. When the sky grows cold,When the seas riseContinue reading “Fiach Dubh/ Raven song”