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I am the Wanderer

I am the thunder,The lightning and storm.I am the wrath of Odin,I am the anger,I am the scythe of Hades,I am the last breath. I am the earthTrembling before the end,I am the doom,I am the infinite battle,I am the warcry of Ares,I am the rage of Thor. I am the darknessRising from the depth,IContinue reading “I am the Wanderer”

Children of the underworld

We are the children of Hades,Lost in time.Children of the underworld,With darkness in our bones. We are the last of the broken,Yet complete,Children of the underworld,With rage in our hearts. We are the children of Hades,Descending deep,Children of the underworld,Trying to get back home. We are the battlefield ravens,Fire in our blood,Children of the underworld,LearningContinue reading “Children of the underworld”

You never know

You never know what you’re gonna seeVenturing to the Otherworld.You never know who you’re gonna meetVenturing down, down, down. You never know what you’re gonna findVenturing to the UnderworldYou never know what you’re gonna hearVenturing through the veil. You never know what you’re gonna doTrying to get out of the OtherworldYou never know what you’reContinue reading “You never know”