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Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen

Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And cut her auburn hair short.She walks by the dayNever flying again,Quite happy to beHer own. Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen,And watches the Dee rolling by.In her eyes – the flashes of autumn,Her arms still longing for flight. Blodeuwedd is renting a houseWith a garden and flower bedsBlodeuwedd rarely smiles,But deepContinue reading “Blodeuwedd has moved to Llangollen”

Tales of the Womb: Airmid

Tales of the Womb: Airmid It is fine to feel sadness. Whatever you feel is genuine, whatever you feel is real. Purification starts with emotions. Emotions heal the soul, when they come from your true self. Herbs heal the body just like the emotions heal the heart and mind. No one is born impassive, noContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: Airmid”

Tales of the womb: Brigid

Tales of the Womb: Brigid From the cradle to the forge, from the deathbed to the birthing chamber, we traverse the line. Caring and loving, steadfast and strong, ready to fight for the ones in our care. There we are, unchanged, but unnoticed, glorified yet unheard. From the cradle to the grave, we remain withContinue reading “Tales of the womb: Brigid”

Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan

Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan We all have battles to wage. We all carry swords. Our blood is the blood of the ancient ones. From the first moment the inkling of life has been born, the life long battle begins. We fight. We overcome. We remain. Growing deep inside, fighting our way through theContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan”