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Ravenborn am I,
Of twilight and dusk.
Ravenborn am I,
Nighttime wanderer.

Ravenborn am I,
Huntsman, not the prey.
Ravenborn am I,
Keeper of words.

Ravenborn am I
Loyal and true,
Ravenborn am I,
Merch nos, merch niwl.

Ravenborm am I,
Of wind and sea,
Ravenborn am I,
Messenger of gods.

Raven feathers cloak me,
Not flowers or leaves.
Raven wings hold me,
Keeping me safe.

Ravenborn am I,
Velvet and silk,
Ravenborn am I,
Soul of Calan Gaeaf.

Black are my wings,
My eyes pierce the night.
Storm is my refuge,
Wind is my guide.

Ravenborn am I,
Raven blood,
No one can claim me,
But the son of Nudd.

Ravenborn am I,
The voice of the Hunt.
My heart is still,
For it is his.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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