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Oak, broom and meadowsweet

Hear me, Lleu ap Gwydion,Hear me, the all seeing one.Heavy is my heart,For it is heldIn oak, broom and meadowsweet. Comfort me, the golden winged,Comfort me, the broken,Unburden my heart,For it is poisonedBy oak, broom and meadowsweet. Strong are the silken websSharp are the thorns,Holding me hostage.Amber eyes have pierced me,And won’t let me be.Continue reading “Oak, broom and meadowsweet”

And you’ve been gone so long

¬†And you been gone so longI forgot what you feel like… You’ve been gone too long. The candle’ s gone off hours ago, the oils are no longer fragrant. The incense has lost its smoky dreaminess, the wine became bitter, the fruit – stale. I fear the altar is crumbling, my Lord. You’ve been goneContinue reading “And you’ve been gone so long”

You came here once…

Once, a long time ago, you came. Into my realm you’ve ventured without even noticing. Just once – for a mere moment, do you recall?.. Once, a long time ago, you came. Young as the spring, but a lass, with flowers in your hair, you came. Just once – when the world was still freshContinue reading “You came here once…”

There stands he

…and everywhere I go,You greet me.…and everywhere I look,You are. Shining, like a golden flame,A blaze on the horizon:There my lord stands,His hair – brightest fire. No Lord rivals him,His courage untamed.No king stands in his presence,For he is the king of Annwfn. Merciful and strong, His nobility precedes him, There stands he, He whoContinue reading “There stands he”


You are calling me. Incessantly, beating wildly in my ears, haunting me, following me, no matter where I go. Your words echo in my heart, weaving glistening spirals, drawing endless paths through deep forests. Your tales come alive in my every dream, your voice sings in my head, charming and bewitching me, no matter whereContinue reading “Cynefin”

The voices

The voices are calling us,Me and you,Telling us not to break the connection,To follow the starsIn their endless searchOf the moon, cold and distant,And yet beautiful,To see the truthThat lies hidden deep within,To hold on, and never change the route,Like we once did.Like Ophelia, in a dress all wet,And flowers in my hair,I reach outContinue reading “The voices”