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Tales of the womb: Brigid

Tales of the Womb: Brigid From the cradle to the forge, from the deathbed to the birthing chamber, we traverse the line. Caring and loving, steadfast and strong, ready to fight for the ones in our care. There we are, unchanged, but unnoticed, glorified yet unheard. From the cradle to the grave, we remain withContinue reading “Tales of the womb: Brigid”


When you descend, you’re down below.Your paths keep winding and spirallingYour way lies through the mist, moss and bonesTo the Center of the Labyrinth. When you descend, you’re going strongTill the ground break open and crackLike a ripe fruit, full of blood red,A pomegranate of thousand seeds. When you descend, the turf turns to mossContinue reading “Descent”

There, beyond

There,between the worldsBifrost shines.There, beyond the mistsLies the way. There, among the stonesThorn climbs,There, out in the coldRose blooms. There, by the streamTime stops,There, by stormy seasHe calls. There,beyond the woodsLies home.There, by ice and snowHe waits. To the heathered hillsSoul flies,To the Northern windsHeart bears. To the Lord of Hunt –My oath,To the kingContinue reading “There, beyond”

All women are daughters of Don

All women are daughters of Don.The new born, the old, the young and fair,The ones with the hair as black as night,The ones with the skin as white as snow. All women are daughters of Don.Strong and wise, independent and proud.The ones with the eyes of clearest blue,The ones with the smile of finest pearls.Continue reading “All women are daughters of Don”

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa. Hidden in the shadows,Half-noticed,Unspoken,Unmentioned.Misheard.The truth lies. There, where you cannot seeAmong the rootsIn the grassUnder the earth,Asleep.The truth sleeps. In the thornsIn the leavesAmong the flowersIn the moonbeams,In the treesThe truth hides. In the heartsUnder lock and key,In the memoriesIn whispers.In the glancesThe truth dies. Sharper than swords,Colder than ice,Hotter than fire,Finer thanContinue reading “Sub Rosa”

Break me/Hawthorn king

Break me.Unbolt me.Unlace me,Shatter me.Make me undone. Shatter me,Release me,Beat me,Reshape me,Make me anew. Hanging there,On your mercy,In the darknessOf the hawthorn boughs,I wait. Unwinding,Unravelling,Dissolving,VanishingFrom sight. Imperfect,Still bound,Static,BlindedBy your light. ShatteringFallingDivingFadingInto the abyss. Break me,Unbolt me,Untie me,Free meFrom the past. Bleeding,Floating,RevellingTriumphingIn death. Kept tight,Tied up,Blindfolded,ChainedBy your will. Pierced byThornsOf your gardenLost inRoses and ash. HereContinue reading “Break me/Hawthorn king”

M.J.D/The river shall take me

The river shall take me. I am certain I have less to live than I can anticipate. I know now it is all over, and having no will to live, I greet death as a gentleman capable of rational thought, not as a lunatic I shall become in time. The river shall take me. AmongContinue reading “M.J.D/The river shall take me”

Each prayer/Hynafiaid

Each prayer done in my name is done in honor of your forefathers. Each word uttered in my name, brings them closer, for my blessing rests upon those who are gone. Blessed are those who are no longer, for their light shines on the living, lighting up the paths of the ones who are. BlessedContinue reading “Each prayer/Hynafiaid”