M.J.D/The river shall take me

The river shall take me. I am certain I have less to live than I can anticipate. I know now it is all over, and having no will to live, I greet death as a gentleman capable of rational thought, not as a lunatic I shall become in time. The river shall take me. AmongContinue reading “M.J.D/The river shall take me”

Each prayer/Hynafiaid

Each prayer done in my name is done in honor of your forefathers. Each word uttered in my name, brings them closer, for my blessing rests upon those who are gone. Blessed are those who are no longer, for their light shines on the living, lighting up the paths of the ones who are. BlessedContinue reading “Each prayer/Hynafiaid”

One, two, three…

One, two, three… Ravens are circling above me. Higher, lower, higher again, their feathers purple, black, indigo, silvery-grey. One, two, three… I should have known you’d come. You hair dark as the night – or is it the rain that made it so?.. One, two, three… Out of the mist you step, your cloak billowingContinue reading “One, two, three…”

Ride the storm

Ride the storm if you dare.Seven winds are calling. Ride the storm if you dare,See the bridges falling. Follow me, ride the waves,Feel the worlds colliding, Follow me, take the reigns,Tame the waters rising. Ride the storm with me,Endlessly traversing, Ride the storm – you’ll seeAll your past reversing. Leave it be, just forget,That youContinue reading “Ride the storm”

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