There stands he

…and everywhere I go,
You great me.
…and everywhere I look,
You are.

Shining, like a golden flame,
A blaze on the horizon:
There my lord stands,
His hair – brightest fire.

No Lord rivals him,
His courage untamed.
No king stands in his presence,
For he is the king of Annwfn.

Merciful and strong,

His nobility precedes him,

There stands he,

He who governs the mists.

Bright is his gaze,

And nothing escapes him.

A bull in battle is he,

Yet gentle as the breeze.

Strong is his voice,

Melodious as a bell of silver

Yet mighty as the raging storm

Is his wrath.

Hail Gwyn, master of winds,

Lord of the depths!

Hail Son of Nudd,

The king of the land beyond!

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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