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Gwydion’s song

Ask me not to make you wise,

I shall not

Ask me not of strength-

I shall not give it

Ask me not of riches,

I shall never grant them.

Ask me instead of the clear path

And everything you need shall be there

Ask me not to teach you

How to read the signs-

I shall not answer.

Ask me not which path is correct,

I shall never tell.

Ask me instead of understanding,

And ye shall receive it.

No gifts shall be given-

Not to you, not to anyone,

When it is for gain.

But to the wandering spirit,

The wondering mind,

To the heart full of hiraeth-

All the gifts shall be granted.

For Gwydion never makes anyone wiser,

Or more perceptive,

Kinder or more clear sighted,

It is not his task.

But Gwydion shall never refuse

The one who yearns to understand-

And for him the path is always clear,

Even in the darkest of woods.

If you wish to know the mysteries

Of the forest,

Do not ask the mortals,

Ask me.

For my name means ‘born of the forest’

And no one but me knows

The forest better.

Call my name and I shall come,

For the blessing of my kin

Is upon you.

And that is enough

To walk hand in hand

When the path is unclear.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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