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Die for me

‘I know what to do with you, Cyledr’ Gwyn hissed. ‘But first, tell me why you followed my bride last night ‘ ‘I wanted to take her back, that’s all. He told me to,  Gwythyr. I’m one of his’. ‘Don’t you lie to me, son of Nwython’ Gwyn’s voice became steely, dangerous. ‘Don’t you dareContinue reading “Die for me”

Y Wyllt

Book 1. CyledrChapter one Cyledr awoke with a start, his hair and forehead  drenched with sweat.  The dream haunted him for months, and no amount of spiced wine could ward it off. He tried rising up, but his body felt numb and strangely uncontrolled, as if he were a  children’s toy, bound to obey theContinue reading “Y Wyllt”

Anaeron/ Creiddylad’s chant

Anaeron/ Creiddylad’s chant Anaeron dainn, Stainn-merth,Anaeron dainn, creith mewn,S’ilnaen i donn, s’ilnaen i fawr. Anaeron maith, i llan,Anaeron slaint, neirn – llaer,S’ilnaen I donn, s’ilnaen i fawr. Anaeron reith, Maedh-nin,Anaeron dainn, lethlann,S’ilnaen i donn, s’ilnaen i fawr. Anaeron glarth, Stenn-donn,Anaeron dainn, merth mai,S’ilnaen i donn, s’ilnaen i fawr. Silmaen, mawr’werth, neirn-llaer,Silmaen i d’werth, mor-maen,S’ilnaen iContinue reading “Anaeron/ Creiddylad’s chant”

Nothwenn Gwyn/ Gwyn’s lullaby

Nairn y gweyr, Creiddylad,Llawr’en donn, Creiddylad.Leythnan crainn, neighenn monn,Lathnan dair, me’yar lonn. Ann’tan-el, CreiddyladClannath crann, Creiddylad,Menntarth dainn, menntarth clann,Lorddaith straith, meyarth dann. Glortann’mei, Creiddylad,Mhorthann-tonn, Creiddylad,Slainth yn morth, soilenn crain,Dharnenn-dain, glennan-rain. Close your eyes, Creiddylad,Dreams will come, Creiddylad,Crowned by rains, maiden fair,Golden dawn, silver days. Don’t you fret, Creiddylad,I’ll be here, Creiddylad,Holding fast, Holding true,Weaving dreamsContinue reading “Nothwenn Gwyn/ Gwyn’s lullaby”

You are mine/Godspouse

You are mine.You’ll always will be, wherever you go. You’re mine.You’d do well to remember it. You’re mine.I am your fifty shades, your personal darkness. You’re mine.I am your brightest light, your redemption. You’re mine.I am your chainbreaker, your sword. You’re mine.I am the one who turns the pride to dust. You’re mine.I crush, IContinue reading “You are mine/Godspouse”

Gwyn’s courtship

I am not riding today,I’m courting.Courting my autumn bride. I am not hunting today,I’m dancing.Dancing till stars look down. I am not fighting today,I’m singing.Singing of love till dusk. I am the son of Nudd, cariad,I am the winter LordI am the northern king, cariad,I am the autumn born. Shining like starlight, cariad,Shining and youngContinue reading “Gwyn’s courtship”

I am Gwyn

I am Gwyn.Son of Nudd,Beloved of Creiddylad. I am Gwyn.Lord of all wilderness,Lord of the ways. I am Gwyn.Lord of the winds,Master of the Hunt. I am Gwyn.All-seeing,All-knowing. I am Cyledr.Son of Nwython,Wyllt of the woods. I am Cyledr.Cold as ice,Burning as the flame. I am Cyledr.Noble and true,Bold and decisive I am Cyledr.Sword wieldingUnbending.Continue reading “I am Gwyn”

You came here once…

Once, a long time ago, you came. Into my realm you’ve ventured without even noticing. Just once – for a mere moment, do you recall?.. Once, a long time ago, you came. Young as the spring, but a lass, with flowers in your hair, you came. Just once – when the world was still freshContinue reading “You came here once…”