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Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden

Ride, ride, ride across the sands. Time waits for no one, tide waits for no man. Ride, ride, ride across the skies. Eternal is our journey, forever we ride. Ride, ride, ride across the waters. Our Lord calls, we answer. Long is the way that has no beginning. Ride, ride, ride across the fields. TwixtContinue reading “Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden”

It is no joke,the Wild Hunt

The Hunt is no joke, bear in mind. Uncontrollable, unyielding, unbridled- it rides across the sky. Its force unmeasurable, its might unparalleled, its fury unrivalled when unleashed. The Hunt is no joke. Lords and Ladies, fair and gallant, bright and dazzling, ride with the wind, their horses whiter than the mists of time. Swift areContinue reading “It is no joke,the Wild Hunt”

There are those…

There are those who hear. They spend their days amongst the melodies of the different Worlds. They float in between, and nothing keeps them grounded enough. They hear, but seldom listen. They are what we call le’thereann donn – those who glide, the hearing ones. There are those who listen. Keen is their hearing, sharpContinue reading “There are those…”

You came here once…

Once, a long time ago, you came. Into my realm you’ve ventured without even noticing. Just once – for a mere moment, do you recall?.. Once, a long time ago, you came. Young as the spring, but a lass, with flowers in your hair, you came. Just once – when the world was still freshContinue reading “You came here once…”


Here we all stand, at the end of the worlds colliding with each other. We face the imminent- and we cannot accept it. The words meet and part, as in dancing, one movement after the next, one glance pursuing another. We face the dance with trembling hearts, as we don’t know where it goes. WeContinue reading “Ellyllon”

The Lord of the Depths

My arms turn into wings, feathers cover them. My voice is no longer human, but that of a bird, hoarse, raspy, dark. This bird does not – cannot – will not utter any song except chilling, haunting one – that of a raven call, neither melodious, nor alluring. Liminal. Otherworldly. Deathly. The raven shakes itsContinue reading “The Lord of the Depths”

The gift of grapes and apples

The room is dimly lit and smells of spruces, spices and ancient books. In the flickering candlelight, tall bookshelves seem more distant than they perhaps are, and a dark wooden table is before me. A tall, hooded figure stands there, beckoning me. ‘Come closer. I have been expecting you ‘ The voice is soft, quietContinue reading “The gift of grapes and apples”

Christmas eve and what comes after

Funny enough this year’s Christmas eve is the first one without any rush to it. All the times before were hectic, lonely or too painful, chaotic or lacking in magic – and this one is much calmer. Perhaps, it is due to my second pregnancy or just the general slowing down, but somehow the magicContinue reading “Christmas eve and what comes after”