There are those…

There are those who hear. They spend their days amongst the melodies of the different Worlds. They float in between, and nothing keeps them grounded enough. They hear, but seldom listen. They are what we call le’thereann donn – those who glide, the hearing ones.

There are those who listen. Keen is their hearing, sharp are their senses, true are their hearts. They hear the call, and follow – no matter what, – and reach the lands beyond. They listen- keenly, attentively, carefully- and nothing can keep them away from the music of the lands unseen. They are what we call leath’ crainn donn – those who follow, the seeking ones.

There are those who see. Nothing is simple to them, yet they do not always comprehend what they see, for they seldom look deep – seeing what they see is enough, and they admire, revere and revel in what opens up before their eyes. They are what we call merch’ann donn- those who dream, the seeing ones.

There are those who search. Those who look for the deeper meaning. Their eyes are the eyes of the world unseen, their voices sing in tune with different music. They are the seeds of the world hidden, the world beyond the veil, and they are the beloved children to us, for they search, and ask, and find the answers. They are what we call leireann’ meth donn – the exploring ones, those who know the way.

Many children of the Tylwyth teg, of the Sidhe and the high courts are strewn amongst you humankind, and many do not even know the way. Some are awakened, some are still dreaming, and some shall never wake up to the call. Let them dream, let them wander, for this is their destiny.

Children of the Fair folk, hear our call. Long are the paths that lead you home. Weary are those who reach their destination. Do not lose faith for you are the lights. Shine out, children of the Fair folk, and blessed be your ways.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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