Gwydion’s lessons

Whatever is asked of Gwydion, shall be given; yet what is not, shall be received in full, for it is the heart that matters,not the mind, and the true wish comes from the inside – and it is in the heart that magic resides, not the mind.

So ask what your heart truly yearns for, not what your mind is telling you, for the reason is fickle, and the knowledge is eternal, when it comes from within the heart.

Ask what makes you happy and your soul joyful, be it of the realm of men or spirit, and I shall grant it, for I know every heart and all souls are open to me.

Ask when you are calm and your mind steady, when nothing troubles you- such wishes are bound to come alive.

Ask not in sorrow, for it is the sorrow that shall be received in turn – that is how the universe works, and it me, Gwydion who tells you that.

I am Gwydion,

And I know all

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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