Blessing of the plants/ Cerridwen’s song #2

I blessing give of all that grows,

Of ancient wisdom of the root,

Of sacred knowledge of the stem,

Of beauty hidden in the leaf.

I give you blessing of the twelve

That strengthen, nourish,

Calm and teach,

Of sacred herbs of magic Lore.

To thee I give the heather sweet

To celebrate the Awen’s light.

The fairest of them all to guide

Your gift of verse and song alike.

And mandrake root I give to you

To make abundant your delight,

And burdock too, to purify

Your soul, to keep you safe from harm.

I give you borage sweet and true

To gladden hearts and sharpen minds,

I give you mint to clarify

Your vision, sight and your desires.

I give you nettle’s stings to bite

The hardest hearts, the thickest skins,

I give you woad,so freedom reigns

Whenever song does grace your lips.

I give you meadowsweet to bless

And celebrate the gift of love,

And poppy to remember me,

The one who gave you life once more.

Plantain I give you to stay calm

Resilient in face of fear.

And mistletoe to stay inspired

To heal yourself- whatever comes.

I give you clover leaf for health,

For wisdom and for fortune’s bliss.

The blessing of the mother earth,

The blessing of the things that grow-

I give to you, my thrice reborn,

I give to you, my radiant brow.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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