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I see battles

I see battles. The moment I close my eyes, they start raging inside my head.Swords cling, shields splint and break, spears pierce the air. I see battles. Ancient and new, bloody and unsung, battles for and battles against. Battles of glory, battles of grief, battles of despair. I see battles. Voices and hatred, horses andContinue reading “I see battles”

Cathraeth/ Y Gododin

I remember Cathraeth,Where many were slain.They rode off to battleFor victory they rode,All they gainedWas death. I remember Cathraeth:Where the field once was,Blood flows.Blood drips from broken spearsHelmets are crushed,Shields shattered. I remember Cathraeth:Where the mighty fell,No flower would bloom.Blood washes the tears away,And swords are powerlessWhere death triumphs. I remember Cathraeth.The billowing cloaks,The battleContinue reading “Cathraeth/ Y Gododin”