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You were mine/ Calliope

You were mine once. Long time ago, when the world was young, foolish and full of hope. Between the sky and the sea, between night and day.
My muse, the daughter of Zeus, my muse,with eyes like forests or the deep water,  do you remember me?

Shy, quiet, pensive you were,
And you would listen
When I told you of humans.
You would gasp in horror,
Or laugh, or cry,
When I told you of the men,
And smile, when I mentioned

You loved children, Calliope.
Eutherpe did,  too.
You would come to the brook,
And listen for hours.
And asked for more.

Troubled your sleep was,
Troubled with the visions
Of the mortal world,
And your sisters would ask me
To take it away.

I did.

And no dreams haunted you,
But no sleep came either.
You wandered too far,
You came down from the Helicon,
And you came to the humans.

No understanding was there,
No consolation.
And no sleep came either.
They tricked you,
And hurt you.
And never let you go.

Your sisters cried.
Their tears burned the ground,
Their sighs woke me,
Searching I went,
And found you-
A shadow,  a memory.

Heal me, you said.
Heal me so I could
See my sisters again.
Tentatively,  I asked,
What would you give me.
Nothing have I,
You said, but myself.

And I took you away
From the humans,
To the halls of Hades-
And there you rested
Until you chose to return
To Helicon.

But each third year,
You’d come back to me-
To inspire through dreams,
To make them believe
In us.

The dream is over, heart of mine,
But the dreaming goes on.
It is time to remember
The paths of the underworld,
And the heights of Helicon.

The arms of Morpheus,
The voice of the Dream,
The song of the Endless
And truth of the word.


Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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