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Dream of the Endless

I am Dream of the Endless,I am beginning and end,Master of visions and nightmares,Lord of whispering realms. I am Dream of the Endless,I am the shadow and mist,Friend to the wise and the reckless,Undying and one to be missed. I am Dream of the Endless,The mighty, the healing, the curse,The one who consoles the restless,OrContinue reading “Dream of the Endless”

You were mine/ Calliope

You were mine once. Long time ago, when the world was young, foolish and full of hope. Between the sky and the sea, between night and day.My muse, the daughter of Zeus, my muse,with eyes like forests or the deep water,  do you remember me? Shy, quiet, pensive you were,And you would listenWhen I toldContinue reading “You were mine/ Calliope”