The wheel

The wheel has turned,The circle’s done.Let’s face it – here’s the change The wheel has turned.Whatever’s gone,Is gone for fool and sage. The wheel has turned,The prophet’s dead.The gods are silent, mind. The wheel has turnedIn fortune’s handAnd vanished out of sight. The wheel has turned,Where life once ruled,Now death’s scythe grimly reaps. The wheelContinue reading “The wheel”

And you’ve been gone so long

 And you been gone so longI forgot what you feel like… You’ve been gone too long. The candle’ s gone off hours ago, the oils are no longer fragrant. The incense has lost its smoky dreaminess, the wine became bitter, the fruit – stale. I fear the altar is crumbling, my Lord. You’ve been goneContinue reading “And you’ve been gone so long”

Each prayer/Hynafiaid

Each prayer done in my name is done in honor of your forefathers. Each word uttered in my name, brings them closer, for my blessing rests upon those who are gone. Blessed are those who are no longer, for their light shines on the living, lighting up the paths of the ones who are. BlessedContinue reading “Each prayer/Hynafiaid”

Of witches, raindrops and fallen leaves

Tell me of witches and fallen leaves, sing me of Calan Mai. Tell me of raindrops and silks so fine, tell me of love that heals. Sing me of witches that color the leaves from green into golden and red. Sing me of raindrops that shine like the stars, sing me of sunshine that clearsContinue reading “Of witches, raindrops and fallen leaves”

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