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Be wary

“…little is known of the Fair Folk, although the old tales endure through all times. In the age of popular doubt and imminent technical progress the ancient superstitions survive and thrive, and it is not quite clear how and why. What is now called whimsical and fancy, once held sway over the minds and souls.Continue reading “Be wary”

Hampton Court/ The ghosts

They are everywhere. The gallery, the halls, the stairs. They whisper, they call out, they shout. The ghosts. Worried, troubled, anxious, nervous- paler than the moonlight. Agitated, excited, bereft, mournful- locked in time. The ones now gone. ‘You need not have come, you shall be in trouble’ , says the hushed voice. ‘He shall seeContinue reading “Hampton Court/ The ghosts”

You are mine/Godspouse

You are mine.You’ll always will be, wherever you go. You’re mine.You’d do well to remember it. You’re mine.I am your fifty shades, your personal darkness. You’re mine.I am your brightest light, your redemption. You’re mine.I am your chainbreaker, your sword. You’re mine.I am the one who turns the pride to dust. You’re mine.I crush, IContinue reading “You are mine/Godspouse”

Cerridwen/ I was there

I was there, when Gwydion conjured a woman of flowers.I was there, when the cauldron boiled, when oak flowers, meadowsweet and broom entranced the woods with their fragrance.I was there, when in smoke and vapour there rose a maiden no one could rival.I was there, though I could not prevent it, and yet – IContinue reading “Cerridwen/ I was there”