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Dissolve. Follow me into the waters. Dissolve. Become one with the sea. Go deeper. Do not be afraid of shadows Go deeper. The truth lies down there. Let go. Take my freedom. Let go. Take my confidence. Dissolve. Let the waters carry you. Dissolve. Reach for yourself. Be reborn. Healing is at hand. Be reborn.Continue reading “Follow/Waters”

They took the child

…stolen by Them, they said. They took the child.They always take the best.The youngest. The fairest.The happiest. The innocent. They took the child. Took it to the Sidhe, to the old hawthorn tree by the crossroads. From the cradle of linden and willow, to the cradle of blackthorn, gorse and heather. They took the child.Continue reading “They took the child”


..we inherit things. From my mother, I inherited the spirit. Wild, untamed,Raging as the sea,Deep as the night sky. So was she –So am I. …we inherit things. From my mother, I took the love. All-encompassing,Unconditional,Raging as the sea,Deep as the night sky. So was she –And so am I. She bore me by theContinue reading “Inheritance”

Faerie fire/Sing

I’m following the spiral pathwayLeading to the fireBurning brighterThan the normal fire would. I’m following the stairsThat descendInto the abyss,Glowing faintly. I’m beginning a journeyWhich would takeA lifetimeTo finish. Sunlight becomes moonlightBlues become violetsGreys turn to blacksAs the sunset fades. Fire burns brighterBlinding meWith myriad huesAs in a vivid dream. Closer and closerI comeSeeing nothingButContinue reading “Faerie fire/Sing”

Wild honey and thyme

Golden was her hair, pure gold like the flowering broom.White was her skin, whiter than hawthorn flowers on May day.Red were her lips, blood-red like hawthorn berries, and bittersweet was her kiss, like sea-bucktorn honey.Fragrant was her skin, like the first breeze of a newborn spring, full of hope and blossoming love. Simply she dressed,Continue reading “Wild honey and thyme”

Russian Paganism: a brief overview

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about things I never actually ever thought of- surprisingly, it feels as if all the veils, curtains and whatnot suddenly fell down, revealing the burning bridges and ruined edifices. Much like the Tower card from your good old trusty deck, but with a tinge of the Devil,Continue reading “Russian Paganism: a brief overview”

Tales of the Womb: Airmid

Tales of the Womb: Airmid It is fine to feel sadness. Whatever you feel is genuine, whatever you feel is real. Purification starts with emotions. Emotions heal the soul, when they come from your true self. Herbs heal the body just like the emotions heal the heart and mind. No one is born impassive, noContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: Airmid”

Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan

Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan We all have battles to wage. We all carry swords. Our blood is the blood of the ancient ones. From the first moment the inkling of life has been born, the life long battle begins. We fight. We overcome. We remain. Growing deep inside, fighting our way through theContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan”

Y Wyllt

Book 1. CyledrChapter one Cyledr awoke with a start, his hair and forehead  drenched with sweat.  The dream haunted him for months, and no amount of spiced wine could ward it off. He tried rising up, but his body felt numb and strangely uncontrolled, as if he were a  children’s toy, bound to obey theContinue reading “Y Wyllt”